Community Involvement

At Elk Ridge Builders, we are more than just builders; we are active participants in fostering the community spirit of the Teton Valley, Idaho area. Our commitment to supporting local businesses, organizations, and sports teams reflects our belief in the strength and potential of our community.

Giving back to the TETON VALLEY community


Teton Valley Education Foundation:
 We proudly support the educational future of our youth through the Teton Valley Education Foundation, helping to provide enhanced learning opportunities.

Teton Valley Rodeo:
 As supporters of the Teton Valley Rodeo, we honor our cultural heritage, celebrating the skills, tradition, and community camaraderie that this event brings.

Cutthroat Hockey Team:
 By backing the Cutthroat Hockey Team, we foster a spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork, encouraging young athletes to achieve their best.

Driggs PTO (Parent Teacher Organization): Collaborating with the Driggs PTO, we are committed to enhancing the educational experiences of our students and supporting our educators.

Teton Indoor Sports Academy (TISA):
 Gymnastics at TISA is about building healthy, confident, and disciplined individuals. Our support for TISA is an investment in the physical and personal development of Teton Valley's youth.

Teton Valley Food Pantry:
 In partnership with the Teton Valley Food Pantry, we aim to combat food insecurity, ensuring that every member of our community has access to nutritious meals.

Teton Valley Youth Lacrosse:
 Supporting the Teton Valley Youth Lacrosse, we believe in the positive influence of team sports on youth development and community engagement.

Teton Valley Fair:
 Our involvement in the Teton Valley Fair is a celebration of our local culture, agriculture, and the strong community bonds we cherish.

Teton Booster Club: Our contributions to the Teton Booster Club aid in funding activities for over 250 high school students, enhancing their educational and extracurricular experiences.

Teton FC (Football Club): We support Teton FC for its commitment to making soccer accessible to Teton Valley's youth, promoting physical fitness and teamwork.


Our approach to community involvement at Elk Ridge Builders extends beyond donations. We actively participate in and encourage our staff to be involved in these initiatives. We believe that a strong, vibrant, and connected community is the foundation of our success.

We are always open to new opportunities to give back. If you have a local cause or initiative in mind that could use our support, please Contact Us.